Staying up late to the health effects

29 Jun

If we feel less comfortable on the move in the morning or feel less enthusiastic, feeling tired while undergoing activity after a night vigil, then do not be surprised. This is because there may be something wrong with our immune system resulting from lack of normal sleep patterns due to the activity of staying up without sleep / sleep after dawn.

Immune system or immune system is a system that is needed by humans to fight and resist against many harmful micro organisms such as microbe, viruses, parasites and bacteria that live around us. For example, the body’s immune system will be disrupted even stop working altogether when the organs in the body that produces immunity has been unable to work normally, that’s when the body no longer have the protection of micro-organisms harmful to attack us very vulnerable terhadapat disease and other health problems.

So what do stay up with the immune system? Apparently according to research, the human immune system will rise very rapidly while we sleep, because the process of releasing toxins in the body (detoxification) occurs when the body is inactive (sleeping). Night time by a normal human biological clock is a time for the disposal of toxic substances (detoxification) attached to the body at the time of day. If the body does not utilize the process of detoxification systems such as antibody optimally with deep sleep at least 8 hours every day, then the performance of the organ in the body in the process of removing toxins become less effective. And konsidi will further compounded if we consume food in excess during the de-toxininasi body.

According to experts, the human gall bladder will be active in the process of detoxification at 11:00 pm to 1:00 at dawn. While the function of the liver detoxification process starting at 1:00 until 3:00. Duty cycle organs in the body is automatically programmed in our bodies by the brain’s biological clock (circadian time clock) which is very difficult to change. If all stayed up late working alone is very disturbing to kekebelan immune-producing organs of the body, what will become of our bodies when staying up all done many times to get used to?

Apparently staying up even more severe effects felt by people who are already accustomed to doing. Due to the habit of not sleeping or sleeping after dawn, the brain’s biological clock may also be changed. Changes in the brain’s biological clock will eventually create a new cycle of the organ in the body. begadangHal is of course very hurt us, because the condition of the body which normally rise in the morning and decrease at night will apply otherwise. At People who have a habit of staying up, will program the brain’s biological clock immune system reaches its peak at night and going down in the morning. Though wicked micro organisms and germs and carcinogenic (cancer-causing compounds) are very much in the air we breathe in the morning.

Therefore, it is possible that many people move in the night until the morning will have a hormonal imbalance and disorders of the immune system. Until penyakitpun will be easy to attack.


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